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Protect your property from Rodents & Crawling or Flying Insect Pests.

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Sentinel Pest Control offer a range of products designed to work in Residential and Commercial situations both inside and out. Solutions that are not harmful to you, your pets, or our environment.

About Sentinel Pest Control

We formed Sentinel Pest Control back in 1996 to hopefully combat the deadliest killer of them all – Mosquitoes ( over I million deaths a year). We supplied the product to Doctors , Travellers and the armed forces all over the world. It had to work, and it did.

We then extended the offer to Schools, Hospitals and accommodation providers and also added to the list of things we combat, namely Cockroaches and Flies. This was also successful and bought us space within the entire Food Service industry.

After a couple of big seasons with a food service industry client, we started to produce Electronic devices (Sentinel Electronic) that would take care of any Rodent Problems, which in conjunction with dirty insects, had the ability to shut them down or worse flood or burn them down.

All of the products we currently produce are also of value to domestic clients, they have the ability between them to do small or large premises, inside or out . they are by and large repellents and are absolutely safe around us, and our pets. They are all about advancing human health and protecting our environment.

We currently manufacture and export to 5 continents and over 30 countries. Our distributors are fully qualified to advise you on product selection and best practice. We attend all industry and Trade Shows throughout Australasia, including Home Shows, Field Days, and various Expo’s.

Electronic Pest Control

No Insecticides, No Traps, NoPoisons.

Bacteria Difuser

(Negative Ionic)

Ultrasonic Pressure


Ultrasonic Technology
Blue LED Sensor Light
Ionic Air Purification
Electronic Vibrawave Technology

Repels Multiple Pests Including:

Bed Bugs
Looks To Kill

Not Just For Indoors

Our products are designed with you in mind, and although we use completely natural ingredients for our pest control, they also prevent annoying mosquitoes and flies outside just as well

Developed For The Food Service Industry
Sentinel Fly Trap Bait Glue Boards

Professional Fly Glue Trap

  • Rated for 50 sq m coverage
  • Non Toxic Glue Boards ( supplied)
  • Ultraviolet Lamps 20w (supplied)
  • Indoor or covered Outdoor use.

Position 2 metres up from floor level in the darkest part of your Kitchen or Café/ Restaurant. Remove cover from glue board, plug into wall socket and switch on. Unit will attract all flying ( Phototactic) insects and trap them on the glue board You will need to change boards every 4-6 weeks or after inspection.

There is a Fly Bait component for commercial users – these are scattered evenly onto the glue boards and enhance catch rates

Electronic Pest Control

From $99.00

Antimos 301 Control Canisters

From $20.00 (2x canisters)

Professional Fly Glue Trap

From $29.00